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Safety When It Matters The Most: Enzo Energy’s Fleet Leads The Pack

When it comes to the safe, efficient, transport of Oilfield fluids and materials, having a clearly defined process and set of standards is key. At Enzo Energy, we know that hauling hazardous substances can be dangerous, and without the proper care there is a high risk for damage and harm affecting both equipment and individuals. In addition to maintaining a diverse fleet of tanks and trailers designed to handle the demands of wide range of chemicals, Enzo upholds a strong commitment to safety with all of our practices. Learn more about our safety forward focus and practices, along with the benefits of partnering with Enzo Energy below.

Always Front Of Mind

At Enzo, safety is at the core of everything we do. With a long history in the chemical hauling industry, we know just how imperative it is to stay on top of every detail in order to avoid the risks associated with transporting hazardous materials. Each tank and trailer in our fleet is meticulously maintained with regular service to mitigate the risk of sudden breakdowns (and costly delays), and thoroughly cleansed between hauls to remove the danger of cross contamination.

In addition to our rigorous maintenance practices, Enzo Energy’s highly skilled team of drivers are well practiced at upholding the standards when on the road, as well as when loading/unloading materials. We take pride in being a leader where safety is concerned and hold many current certifications of compliance.

24/7 Service

With many of our clients being based in the Oil & Gas, petrochemical, construction, and industrial sectors, Enzo knows that the demand for reliable fluid hauling never stops.

Our team is here to assist you 24/7, regardless of the scope or scale of your project. Our fleet is able to quickly reach remote sites, townships, and cities, and services customers in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. Wherever you need to go, we’re here to help!

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