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It’s no secret that the Canadian Prairies are home to one of the world’s largest natural sources of oil and is thus one of North America’s most prolific hotspots for the oil and gas sector. With many of Canada’s largest oil and petroleum producers headquartered out of both Calgary and Edmonton and countless job sites throughout the province, the need for reliable acid and fluid hauling is paramount across the region.

Meet Enzo Energy

Formed in 2010, Enzo Energy has since become a provider of a leading oilfield fluid hauling across Western Canada with clients spanning the oil & gas, petroleum, mining, construction and related heavy industries. As a critical resource to its clients, Enzo services all major Oil & Gas industry hubs in Western Canada, including Calgary and features offices in both Red Deer and Grande Prairie. With its highly trained professional team and state-of-the-art fleet, Enzo is proud to provide acid and chemical hauling services with round the clock availability and customer service that simply can’t be beat.

Safety First; Always

When selecting a fluid hauling partner, safety is a concern that’s second to none. Enzo understands this and maintains safety credentials that always up to date and adhere to the latest standards. Enzo Energy takes pride in ensuring safety is the backbone of all we do and implements a rigorous safety program to protect its staff, its customers, the public, and the environment.

With years of experience our belt, the Enzo team knows that dependable transportation of dangerous materials requires more than just a diverse fleet of trucks; our hands-on, proactive approach to ensuring our fleet is equipped to handle each load safely includes consistent maintenance and trailers and rigorous cleaning between hauls to prevent cross-contamination.

Enzo is well-versed in the regulations governing the transport of dangerous goods and its customers’ activities, and have processes in place to ensure compliance. The company’s affiliations and profiles with the Alberta Ministry of Transportation ISNetworld, Avetta (formerly PICS), Energy Safety Canada, ComplyWorks, and the WCB attest to its outstanding performance.

For exceptional fluid hauling service in Calgary and throughout Western Canada, contact Enzo Energy today.