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Partnering With Enzo for Oilfield Fluid Hauling: What You Can Expect

When it comes to oilfield fluid hauling in Western Canada, there are plenty of options for companies to choose from—as such, selecting the best fluid hauling provider can be a challenge. The key to identifying the ideal fluid hauling partner is two-fold: understanding the importance of safety and reliability, and knowing what your operation needs to get the job done right, every single time.

Since 2010, Enzo Energy’s mission has been to “safely, confidently, and consistently deliver products to the oilfield; whenever and wherever our customers need it.” With locations in Red Deer and Grande Prairie, Enzo’s fleet of fluid transporters is ready and able to service oilfields across Western Canada, including Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. We are proud to offer exceptional, 24/7/365 service to our clients from a wide range of industries, with our fleet ready for any job whenever you are.

Learn more about how Enzo can help your oilfield operation below.

Safety First, Every Step of the Way

No matter what industry, organizations know that safety is critical when selecting a fluid hauling partner. Failure to transport hazardous materials safely can have disastrous consequences for your operation, your equipment, your workers, and the environment in which you operate.

This is especially true in Western Canadian oilfields. Throughout our decade servicing Albertan oil operations, we have dealt with a wide variety of dangerous loads, including (but not limited to):

  • Hydrochloric acid
  • Peroxides
  • Safe/modified acids
  • Fracking/well intervention acids
  • Toxic fluids and substances resulting from well abandonment

With decades of combined experience transporting dangerous materials, Enzo Energy brings the know-how and attention-to-detail to haul oilfield fluids the right way, every single time. Whether it’s employee training, vehicle inspections, third-party safety auditing, or world-class decontamination, you can rest assured that your oilfield fluid hauling partner is taking every precaution to get the job done safely and efficiently. But don’t take our word for it; our safety record and numerous certifications speak for themselves.

The Right Tools and People for the Job

When you partner with Enzo Energy, you’re partnering with the best. Our highly-trained teams have ample experience hauling oilfield chemicals, as well as other dangerous materials across numerous Western Canadian industries. Having experience in the West is critical when the weather and environment become factors in your operation; our drivers are ready to handle anything the oilfield can throw at them, including challenging terrain and unforgiving weather conditions.

Our fleet of fluid hauling vehicles is equally up to the task. Each and every transport vehicle undergoes routine inspections and maintenance (both in-house and by third-party safety organizations), as well as thorough decontamination procedures after every job. We understand all too well that vehicle failure or cross-contamination can spell disaster for your operation, so we put our knowledge and experience to work to ensure safety and efficiency on every job, no matter how big or small.

Ready Whenever (and Wherever) You Are

Safety will always be our #1 priority, but we understand that efficiency and reliability are critical to the success of our partners. We’re ready and able to contribute to your operation’s bottom-line by offering fast and dependable fluid transportation throughout the region. With an extensive network of haulers throughout Western Canada, Enzo Energy provides our partners with responsive 24/7/365 service. No matter how remote your oilfield operation, Enzo Energy offers safe, efficient, and value-driven fluid hauling solutions across Western Canada.

Ready to Get Started?

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