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Our fleet at Enzo Energy Services is ready to haul 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Based out of Red Deer, Alberta, Enzo Energy services is one of the region’s largest transporters of corrosive fluids. Our fleet is well equipped to deliver acid, bleach, and other dangerous chemicals. Our equipment includes fibreglass acid hauling tank trucks, an emergency oilfield head shower truck, and several pneumatic sand hauling trucks. Each container includes a calibrated fluid capacity gauge, and plumbing is designed for high capacity displacement to allow for large volume pump rates onsite. Enzo’s fleet is tracked via satellite, meaning that our dispatch office can easily inform customers on the status of their fluid without delay.

Our team can haul to industrial sites within city or township limits, as well as remote oilfield location. All trucks are outfitted with GPS technology that allows for hassle-free pickup and delivery. Our drivers are trained to be among the best in the industry and have built a reputation for reliability, dedication to safe practices, and efficiency. Enzo’s team is the heart of our business, with a family atmosphere guiding our workplace culture. This translates into higher customer satisfaction, increased productivity, and exceptional employee retention. Enzo’s expertise, combined with the drive to provide the best service available makes as an industry leader. We are proud to serve the area of Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.