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chemical and oilfield hauling services

Enzo Energy: Proud To Partner With Alberta’s Oilfield Sector

As one of the most prominent sectors in the Albertan economy, the oilfield industry faces round the clock demand for operations. Countless job sites across the prairies depend on fluid hauling and transportation solutions to distribute valuable materials necessary for project development and more. Since 2010 Enzo Energy has become one of Western Canada’s leading fluid hauling providers across British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. With a diverse fleet of trucks and tankers designed to handle hazardous materials including acids, toxic waste, and a wide range of dangerous or caustic chemicals, we are proud to partner with many Oil & Gas clients. Learn more about the benefits of working with Enzo Energy below.

Experience You Can Rely On

As a team of professionals with a long background in the chemical hauling industry, Enzo understands just how important it is for customers in the Oil & Gas, petrochemical, construction and hazardous materials fields to have readily available access to dependable fluid transportation providers. In addition to a diverse fleet of tankers and trailers ready at a moment’s notice, we’re also proud to feature an exceptional team that remains dedicated ensuring our operations are among the top in the field. Whether you need to transport caustic materials like acid to and from a job site, or require storage tanks to comply with environmental standards, Enzo is here to help!

A Foundation Built On Safety

Hauling and storing dangerous materials is just that: dangerous. At Enzo Energy, we believe in maintaining a strong culture of safety and compliance that removes unnecessary hazards from the workplace and allows for efficient results without added risk. From maintaining a rigorous maintenance schedule on our fleet to ensuring each tanker is thoroughly cleaned after every job, Enzo ensures that your materials are handled to the highest standards.

Here to Help

Facing a tight deadline or need an emergency transport solution? No problem. Enzo Energy’s fleet is available 24/7, 365 days a year. From hauling to remote oilfield locations through to townships, cities, and more, we have you covered. Learn more about our fluid hauling solutions by contacting our team today.