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Your Choice For Fluid Hauling In Calgary and Western Canada: Enzo Energy Services

Canada is one of the world’s largest oil and gas producers, and domestically, Alberta produces more oil and gas than any other province. It makes sense, then that, Calgary, Alberta’s largest city, is where many of the world’s most powerful oil and gas companies are headquartered. Energy services, geoscience, engineering and environmental firms, as well as companies offering financial, IT, legal and other services ancillary to the industry, are all naturally attracted to Calgary, making it a hotbed of Oil & Gas activity, innovation and decision-making. A large portion of Canada’s oil sands, and a vast amount of production, are also located in Calgary.

Since its inception in 2010, Enzo Energy, a leading oilfield fluid hauling provider in Western Canada, has thrived and grown by meeting its clients where they work and keeping pace with their development. The Oil & Gas industry relies heavily on transportation services. The Upstream sector, in particular, needs reliable partners to haul hazardous fluids, including caustic and combustible chemicals, acids, and waste. As a critical resource to its clients, Enzo services all major Oil & Gas industry hubs in Western Canada, including Calgary. Founded in Red Deer in 2010, Enzo has spent the decade growing its client base and expanding its operations to service them. In 2019, the company opened a second location in Grande Prairie. With its highly trained professional team and state-of-the-art fleet, Enzo provides acid and chemical hauling services to clients in the Oil & Gas, petrochemical, construction and hazardous materials industries across Western Canada. Over the past decade, Enzo’s record of 24/7 availability, on-time delivery, and safety has earned the company a reputation as a knowledgeable, dependable and trustworthy partner — particularly in the oilfields.

When selecting a fluid hauling partner, safety is paramount. Enzo understands this and maintains safety credentials that are second to none. The company adheres to a rigorous safety program to protect its staff, its customers, the public, and the environment. With years of experience, the Enzo team knows that dependable transportation of dangerous materials requires more than just a diverse fleet of trucks. Handling caustic fluids requires expertise and attention to detail to guarantee the safety of each haul. Enzo’s crew of experts take every precaution to ensure loads are transported safely and efficiently and arrive at their destination without incident. The company’s hands-on, proactive approach to ensuring its fleet is equipped to handle each load safely includes consistent maintenance of trucks and trailers and rigorous cleaning between hauls to prevent cross-contamination, Enzo is well-versed in the regulations governing the transport of dangerous goods and its customers’ activities, and have processes in place to ensure compliance. The company’s affiliations and profiles with the Alberta Ministry of Transportation ISNetworld, Avetta (formerly PICS), Energy Safety Canada, ComplyWorks, and the WCB attest to its outstanding performance.

For exceptional fluid hauling service in Calgary and throughout Western Canada, contact Enzo Energy today.